Application Documents

Application documents may be downloaded from the links provided below. Please ensure that the application forms be printed out in A4-size paper. Please refer to the Application Guidelines (download) for preparation, and ensure that a full set of application documents should be submitted to Your Ministry, including the documents for ERD and JDS Office, as instructed in the Guidelines.

The application's closing date is Wednesday, 16th November 2016.

The following is the list of how many number of original and/or copies of Application Documents to be submitted to Your Ministry, ERD, and JDS Office, respectively:

  Documents Envelope 1:
Your Ministry
Envelope 2:
Envelope 3:
Our JDS Office
Original Copy Original Copy Original Copy
1 Application Form   1   1 1 1
2 Reference from Your Supervisor         1  
3 Copy of Bachelor Degree   1   1   2
4 Official Transcript         1  
5 Confirmation Letter   1   1   2
6 Service Certificate   1   1 1 1
7 ID: Valid Passport   1   1   3
8 IELTS Application         1 1
9 Registration Form         1  
10 Checklist 1   1   1  
11 GRIPS Application
(Only GRIPS applicants)
12 University of Tokyo Application
(Only University of Tokyo Applicants)
13 ERD Form2     1      

To what organization/office to be submitted:

  • As instructed in the Guidelines, you have to prepare three A4-size or larger envelopes for: 1) Your Ministry; 2) ERD; and 3) JDS Office; and enclose the necessary number of original and copies of Application Documents for each of your Ministry, ERD, and Our Office separately in those three envelopes.
  • You have to make it sure that your Ministry should send the remaining 2 envelopes (for ERD and JDS Office) to ERD by Wednesday, 16th November 2016.

The Application documents submitted will not be returned for any reason. Late submission, or incomplete application documents will NOT be accepted.

A. Application Guidelines

  1. Application Guidelines (download)

B. Application Documents

  1. Application Form (download)
  2. Reference Form from your supervisor at work (download)
  3. Certified copy of your Bachelor's Degree from your University
  4. Official Transcript (officially certified by your University)
  5. Copy of Confirmation Letter with official translation in English (proof of you as a confirmed officer)
  6. Service Certificate (official certificate of your working record as a confirmed officer)
  7. Colored-photocopy of your Valid Passport
  8. IELTS Application (download)
  9. Registration Form (download)
  10. Checklist for Application Documents to be submitted to Your Ministry, ERD, and JDS Office (download)
  11. To download a full set of application documents, please click here. ( download)

How to Prepare Your Research Plan

Please make sure that your research plan includes the points described below and is written logically so that the content of each point is consistent with that of another point.

  1. Research Purpose/objective (describe what you aim at in your research: e.g. what factors you want to identify or what kind of a hypothesis you want to prove in the research, etc.)
  2. Problem Statement (state the critical/problematic situation you are concerned about from global and national perspectives, referring to relevant statistics or general information)
  3. Research Question/s (describe the questions, as well as sub-questions, you will address in the research in order to achieve the research purpose)
  4. Rationale of Your Research (describe why your research deserves being conducted by showing how critical the present situation is, what kind of positive socio-economic impacts can be led by your research, how you can contribute to the solution of the critical situation with the results of your research, etc.)
  5. Possible Methodology to Address the Question/s (describe what kinds of methods you will apply for your research: either qualitative or quantitative research methods - qualitative methods: who will be possible respondents to interviews, how to collect primary data, how to analyze the data collected, etc. - quantitative methods: what data set will be used, what possible dependent and independent variables are, how to analyze, etc.)
  6. How to Ensure of Liability/Accuracy and Limit (if you can state)

Please keep in your mind that your research plan should be within 700 words (3 pages at maximum).

You are prohibited from doing 'copy & paste' from internet/articles/books whatever is written by other people without referring. If you want to use anyone else's words/clauses or sentences, you have to refer by writing down all necessary information/data sources. Otherwise, your research plan can be considered as plagiarism and you might never be admitted to any graduate school.

Tite of the reserch plan of 2nd Phase JDS fellows
Ministry Organization Title of the Research Plan University
Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs Divisional Secretariat, Panwila The Poverty alleviation programmes implemented after independence of Sri Lanka and find out to what extent they have addressed the spatial dimension of poverty GRPIS
Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs Divisional Secretariat-Sri Jayawardenepura, Kotte A study of Relationships between Livelihood Development Policies and Productive utilization of Human Potentialities of low income families in Sri Lanka GRPIS
Prime Ministers Office Development A study on Factors affecting public Policy implementation: Special reference to Samurdhi Program GRPIS
Ministry of Health (MOH) General Hospital Kegalle Study on the relationship between Procurement System especially focusing to the Capital Expenditure and Health Economics in the Ministry of Health Hitotsubashi
Ministry of Plantation Industries Rubber Control Department Educational Mismatch of Graduate Employees in Government Sector in Rathnapura District of Sri Lanka Hiroshima
Ministry of Finance and Planning Department of Management Services A Study on Human Resources Development in the Public Sector on Foreign Assistance : Special Reference to the Japanese Assistance Hiroshima
Ministry of Economic Development External Relations Division Effect of interest rates on investments in Sri Lanka Financial Development and Economic Growth of Sri Lanka Hiroshima
Ministry of Economic Development Accounts Division Women Entrepreneurship in Small Enterprises Waseda
Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs Divisional Secretariat, Lunugamvehera The impact of developing export sector in the country to increase GDP (Gross Domestic Productivity) in Sri Lanka (Based on Hambantota District). Waseda
Ministry of Investment Promotion Investment Division A study of the impact of investment legislation for the investment environment in Sri Lanka IUJ
Ministry of Industry and Commerce Planning Division Overcoming barriers in technology commercialization for a high value added manufacturing industry sector IUJ
Ministry of Construction, Engineering, Service, Housing & Common Amenities Construction Technology Division Cause and Mitigation of Landslide Tokyo
Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils Provincial Engineering Service Department Mitigation and controlling of natural disaster to achieve a sustainable environment condition for people. Tokyo
Ministry of Agriculture Extension and Training Division., Department of Agriculture Impact assessment of soil degradation on environment and crop productivity of vegetable cropping system in Sri Lanka Tsukuba
Ministry of Economic Development Divisional Secretariat, Vadamaradchy East, Maruthankerny The Model to Ensure the Environmental Sustainability ( Goal 07-MDGs) at Jaffna District, Sri Lanka Tsukuba
Ministry of Home Affairs and Fishies Kaduwela Divisional Secretariat Effectiveness of Integrated socio economic supportive system against direct financial supportive schemes for development of status of vulnerable groups of society GRIPS
Ministry of Lands Ministry of Land and Land Development A Study on Factors Affecting Public Policy Implementation: The Case of "Bimsaviya" Program, Sri Lanka 1998 - 2014 GRIPS
Ministry of Finance Ministry of Finance and Planning, Department of Fiscal Policy The impact of tax reforms on sustainable economic growth and development in Sri Lanka GRIPS
Central Bank of Sri Lanka Provincial Office, North Central Province, Central Bank of Sri Lanka Dynamic Interaction among Budget Deficit, Inflation and Money Supply: Evidence from Sri Lanka Hitotsubashi
Ministry of Industry and Commerce Administration Division Challenge in Post- Conflict Economic Development of Sri Lanka Hiroshima
Ministry of Finance Department of Project Management and Monitoring Impact of the National Policy for Rural Water Supply and sanitation Sector in Rural Community Development Hiroshima
Public Service Commission Public Service Commission, Appointments Division Study on the best practices of e-Human Resources Management (e-HRM) in recruitment procedure of public sector in developed countries : Special reference to Japanese e-HRM implementations and application of same to All Island Services in Sri Lanka Hiroshima
Ministry of Home Affairs and Fishies Divisional Secretariat Thanamalwila The Recruitment of Graduates to Public Sector and Efficiency of Public Sector Service Delivery Waseda
Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development, Vocational Training Division Problems and Challenges of Handcraft Sector in Sri Lanka and how to improve the contribution to GDP in Sri Lanka: special focus in Brass Industry Waseda
Ministry of Finance Department of Management Audit Challenges of Successful Implementation of E-government Projects in Developing Countries with Special Reference to Sri Lanka IUJ
Ministry of Finance Department of Public Enterprises Policy Rate and Credit to Private Sector from the Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka IUJ
Ministry of Lands Land use policy planning Department Ecological Impact of Urban Transformations in the City of Kandy, Sri Lanka Tsukuba
Ministry of Industry & Commerce National Authority for the Implementation of Chemical Weapons Convention Risk Based Decision Support Model for selecting appropriate(Industrial) plots of Land for Industrial Estate industries in an Industrial estate Tsukuba
Ministry of Irrigation Divisional Irrigation Engineer's Office Slope Stability Analysis at Kiulekada Tank Embankment Tokyo
Ministry of Public Administration, Provincial Councils, Local Government and Democratic Governance Southern Provincial Irrigation Department Identifying possible solutions for flooding in Moragoda canal in Galle Town Tokyo
Ministry of Provincial Council and Local Government Department of Ayurveda, Municipal Council, Kandy Study on the quality of the service of the community medical unit of Ayurveda GRIPS
Ministry of Health (MOH), Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine Procurement Division Utilization of Medical Equipment within the different typed Government Hospitals GRIPS
Ministry of Home Affairs Bulathsinhala Divisional Secretariat Effectiveness of Village Development Committee in poverty alleviation of rural community with special reference to Western, Southern and Central Provinces Hiroshima
Ministry of Home Affairs Bibile Divisional Secretariat Productivity of the Subsidiary Program which Conduct in the Monaragala District in order to Alleviate Poverty Hiroshima
Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment, Administration Analysis the usage of land resource in Sri Lanka Hiroshima
Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development & Cultural Affairs Department of Immigration & Emigration/Information System Division Impact of Labour Out-migration on the development of Sri Lankan Economy Hiroshima
Ministry of Finance Department of Public Enterprises, Banking and Finance Cluster Problems and challenges of the Insurance Industry in Sri Lanka and how to increase contribution to the GDP comparison to Economic Developments Waseda
Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development & Cultural Affairs Department of Immigration & Emigration, Information Systems Division Impact of Performance Appraisal on Junior Executive's Performance and Involvement of Moderating Role of Motivation Waseda
Ministry of Science, Technology and Research Ministry of Science, Technology and Research A study of the extent to which small & medium sized enterprises(SMEs) effectively use strategic planning and its impact on organizational performances in Sri Lanka IUJ
Ministry of Labour and Trade Union Relations Ministry of Labour, Department of Labour, Employees' Provident Fund Division A study to identify the existing issues to increase the coverage of Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) and Formulate and Implementation of administrative system to Increase the coverage and member benefits of EPF in Sri Lanka IUJ
Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment National initiatives have taken to implement the National Climate Change Policy in Sri Lanka by the Climate Change Secretariat in Sri Lanka Tsukuba
Ministry of Disaster Management Ministry of Disaster Management Realizing the National Disaster Management Policy of Sri Lanka: role of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) Tsukuba
Ministry of Health (MOH), Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine Department of Deputy Director General Public Health Services Assessment of Safety of Hospitals of Matara District in Sri Lanka Tsukuba
Ministry of Provincial Council and Local Government Chief Engineer's Office, Road Development Department, Eastern Province Critical analysis of biotechnical slope stability (studies of native spices in Sri Lanka) Tokyo
Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resource Management Divisional Irrigation Engineers Office, Ambalangoda Flood Mitigation due to Re-Cultivation of Abundant Paddy Lands,-Lower Bentota River Valley Tokyo

How to Register and Prepare for IELTS and Math Exam

The IELTS exam is for 2 days: the 1st day is an exam to test applicants' reading, written, and listening ability in English while the 2nd day is one to test their speaking ability in English. All applicants have to take an IELTS exam in Colombo on 10th and 11th Dec. 2016 unless you have taken an IELTS Academic Module within the last 2 years.

Download IELTS application from here. Please send a scanned copy of IELTS applicationwith your passport copy via email to with subject of "IELTS application ? (name of the university you have applied to)" by the end of October in addition to attach two hard copies to application documents.

If you have a valid score within two years, please request British Council to send an official copy of your IELTS score to JDS project office.

You will be required to pay exam fee (Rs.21200) if you cancel it without a prior notification to JDS project office.

As to mathematical exam; all applicants have to take it without any exception.

The math exam is of approximately 60 minutes duration and consists of: arithmetic operations, solving fractions, equations, inequalities, matrixes, basic quadratic functions, basic operations of exponential and logarithmic functions, basic integral and differentiation, etc.

The scores of both exams may not be a main determinant factor for selection, but they will be referred through the first selection of Document Screening by faculty members of the Japanese Universities. Please prepare for the exams!